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All information contained in this Product Information Sheet is as accurate and up-to-date as possible at the time of printing. Products can be expected to perform as indicated in this
sheet, so long as application procedures and maintenance are followed as recommended. Any other warranties that may be implied are expressly excluded, except the consumer
guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, where applicable, or any other non-excludable warranties under any State legislation, where applicable.
Head Office 1 Gow Street, Padstow NSW 2211 AU, T: 1300 555 205 (Aus) 0800 735 539 (NZ) E:
Selleys Knead It Aqua is a hand kneadable, fast
setting co-extruded epoxy repair system that can be
used to repair or reshape damp, wet or underwater
substrates. It comes in a handy roll form, with the
white hardener encapsulated in the aqua green resin
Available in a 110g roll and 50gm Blister.
Suitable for:
Use on glass, ceramics, masonry, metal, timber,
fibreglass and some plastics.
Fast and permanent repairs to damp and wet
substrates, and even for underwater repairs.
Patching dings, scratches, cuts, gouges and
holes in fibreglass, metal, wooden boat decks
and hulls.
Repair of pipes, fittings, electrical connections,
water tanks, tubs, sinks, spas, hot tubs, tanks,
pools, leaking gaskets.
Forming custom gaskets etc.
Emergency in-water repairs.
Easy to use - no mess.
Will not sag, run or drip.
Can be drilled, sawed, sanded, filed, tapped,
machined or painted one hour after mixing.
Good adhesive strength.
Good gap filling properties.
Resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols,
esters, halocarbons, aqueous salt solutions and
dilute acids and bases.
Heat resistance: 120°C continuous & 140°C
Can be used under fresh or salt water.
Appearance: White hardener encapsulated in the
aqua green resin part.
Mixes to a white to off white colour
Working time: 10 - 15 minutes
Set time: 20 - 30 minutes after mixing.
Approved for contact with drinking water.
Complies with AS/NZS4020*
Ensure surface is free of grease, dirt and dust.
For best results roughen bond area prior to
Cut off required amount. Replace disc on
remaining portion. Knead with fingers until a
uniform colour is achieved. If mixing is
difficult, warm to room temperature. Wear
gloves to prevent material from sticking to
Apply to surface to be repaired (within 12
minutes of mixing) and work the adhesive
forcefully into the surface applying pressure
until adhesion begins to take effect. Mould to
shape if required. Use the plastic wrapper to
press the material in place.
For a smooth appearance, remove excess
adhesive and hand rub with water or a damp
cloth before hardening begins. Knead It Aqua
will harden after 20-30 minutes and begin to
form a strong bond. Allow for longer cure times
at temperatures below 20°C.
After 60 minutes Knead It Aqua may be drilled,
sanded, machined, filed, sawed or painted.
Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water
after use.
Does not adhere to polyethylene, polypropylene
or Teflon® (polytetrafluoroethylene).
Not recommended for filling joints and cracks
subject to movement as the cured product is
extremely hard and not flexible.
*Maximum exposure of 500mm²/L at 85°C

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